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2009-04-10 03:54 pm

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I'm doing a small f-list purge, nothing personal, just those folks that I tend not to really exchange comments with on a regular basis, plus those who don't really write in their own LJs (or at least not that I can see). No offense meant. :)
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2007-11-25 09:00 am


All posts are friends-only.  Comment here if I should add you.  All comments screened. 

For LiveJournal novices, here's what to do:
Get a LiveJournal account. It's free and harmless. (If you already have one, proceed to step 2.)
2) Add me as a friend.  I'll be notified by e-mail.
3) If I might not be able to figure out who you are in real life, leave a comment here. :)
4) I'll add you to my friends-list, and you'll be notified by e-mail.
5) When you come back here next, hit Refresh, and you'll see more posts.